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Android 13 & Bardock vs. Amond

The battle was a filled with plenty of trash talking and to begin the battle Amond appeared to be the one to come out on top. Android 13 took advantage of his internal scouter and was able to sense his powerlevel and saw that he was in fact overmatched. Thinking cleverly he waited until Bardock blinded Amond with a Solar Flare and dashed behind him to grab his tail. Once successfully lacthed onto the tail of Amond, the battle slowly slipped away from the evil Saiyan. Bardock continued to unless attack after attack and the weakened Amond could not take it all. Finally Bardock blinded Amond once more and then unleashed his Saiyan Spirit leaving Amond stumbling and vunerable to Android 13's S.S. Deadly Bomb, leaving Amond unable to fight on. 13 and Bardock stepped up to the defeated Saiyan stripping him of his items and blasting him into the Next Dimension.

Win: Bardock & Android 13
Loss: Amond