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Android 17 vs. Tapion

This was the second battle in the first round of the First Annual World Tournament.

At the start of the battle, 17 seemed very confident as he walked to the center of the ring to shake Tapion's hand. As the battle ensued and 17 took damage, he brushed off the dust from his shoulders and smirked as he retaliated. Power Blitz's were a common thing as 17 ruthlessly fired away at Tapion showing no remorse for the warrior. As Tapion saw the battle slipping he quickly jumped into the sky and began a ritual of hand motions and chants then fired his most powerful attack, the Life Blast. It was successful as it took 17 down to the ground, but 17 seemed to not be fazed as he lifted himself from the rubble and hit Tapion with a few blows before soaring over him and raining down his Accel Dance on the fallen warrior. Tapion was left crawling for help and 17 flew down to him. He smirked as he charged a ki ball in his hand and then said, "Stupid Tournament rules." Reaching down he lifted Tapion over his shoulder and walked him to the medics.

Win: Android 17
Loss: Tapion