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Android 17 vs. Trunks

This was the Final round of the First Annual World Tournament.

This is the match that the entire Tournament had been waiting for, it was for all the prize Zeni and would crown the new champion. Trunks and 17 both were very powerful and they showed it early. 17 pummelled Trunks early with several Power Blitz's, but Trunks attacked with a new move of his own, Continuous Die Die Missles. Andriod 17 looked surprised by the magnitude of damage from the new attack and fired his Accel Dance knocking Trunks to the ground. Frustrated by the attack Trunks punched 17 in the gut stunning him then shot his Finish Buster towards the android. 17 quickly recovered from the blow and was able to dodge it. Trunks was frustrated by continued his onslaught and 17 didn't back down either. Then, suddenly Android 17 floated down to the Tournament stage Trunks looking down at him and jumped out of the ring DQing himself. Trunks was stunned, he didn't know what had just happened, one minute he was involved in a high intensity fight the next his competitor was giving up. Trunks floated down to the ring as the announcer ran over him and lifted his arm declaring "What a turn of events!! Trunks is the new champion!!!!"

Win: Trunks
Loss: Android 17