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These are the abilities that you are able to learn in this RPG. Every member can learn 5 abilities, of those 5 abilities 2 of them must be race specific abilities but that is not a limit. When learning abilities you will gain increases like you are sparring.

General Abilites


Time to Learn Description
8 Arms Attack
5 days User grows 6 extra temporary arms that significantly increase the speed of the user. The extra hands allow the attack to hit faster, more often, and dodge more attacks against them.
After Image Technique
5 days The user moves so fast that an image of them appears where they once were, making it appear as if they are in several places at once. If enemy attacks an after-image attacker lands unblockable attack.
Chou no Ryoku
7 days Very strong technique, user casts thin strings of energy that trap the enemy in them, draining them of their energy.
Energy Barrier
7 days User can create a shield around themselves which can withstand most attacks as long as the person has enough Ki to supply.
Energy Rings
7 days User creates energy rings that are thrown at their opponent and restrict the enemy for some turns depending on the strength of both the attack and defender and the amount of ki put into them.
Energy Sword
5 days A sword of ki forms around the users hand with which they can use to attack their opponent.
Hyper Tornado
7 days Winds rip around the user and they form it into a tornado, they then use this tornado to attack their opponent, throwing them all over the place.
Ice Blast
5 days Use of Ki to freeze opponent in ice and restrain them as long as the user is strong enough to hold their opponent long enough.
5 days This is an attack where the user shoots a blast a Ki at their opponent by screaming. Energy is pushed out from their body sending their opponent flying away.
Mouth Blast
5 days Ki blast that is shot from the mouth, can be very surprising and effective as it most often catches the opponent off guard.
Multi Form
7 days The user crosses their arms in front of their body and then splits their body into 3 identical copies. All stats are split evenly among the copies.
5 days The use of ki to manipulate objects and things in the surrounding area. If stronger than opponent can throw them around.
Self Destruction
7 days User concentrates the ki inside them and in effect make themselves into a bomb and killing themselves trying to take their opponent with them.
5 days Simply by raising two fingers the user creates an explosion with his ki that affects a large area.
Solar Flare
7 days The user puts the hands up to the face and shouts "SOLAR FLARE", this causes the sun's rays to be amplified and reflected into the opponent's eyes, thus blinding them.

Saiyan Abilites

Artificial Moon
7 days Saiyan sends a ball of energy into the sky that they then cause to explode. This creates the illusion of a full moon and allows the Saiyan to transform into an Oozaru.
Continuous Die Die Missles
5 days Small blasts of energy that are shot like rain on there opponents, they can become a good distraction but they also drain a lot of energy.
Dragon Fist
7 days Energy is concentrated into the fist of the user and it appears as a dragon when the attacker goes to punch his opponent.
Galactic Donuts
7 days This attack involves forming a ring of energy, that looks like a donut, and using it to trap his opponent.
Ki Sword
7 days A long sword of ki is formed and the user impales their opponent with the sword and smacks them around before releasing them and causing the sword to explode.
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
7 days This attack creates little ghost like clones of the user. These ghost clones have a mind of heir own, but will listen to their creator. The ghosts will explode on contact with anything.

Namekian Abilites

Eye Lasers
5 days Beams of energy that are shot from the eyes.
7 days A Namekians ability to increase their size and strength during battle. The Namekians immitation of the Saiyan ability Oozaru.
Mystic Attack
5 days The ability for Namekians to use their ability to stretch their limbs as an attack.
Namekian Fusion
7 days In this type of fusion, the two Namekians are permanently joined together, but only the characteristics of one are kept, plus a massive increase in power.
Special Beam Cannon
7 days It is a straight Ki beam with another coiled around it. It is charged by putting two fingers against the forehead the fired by extending the arm and firing form the fingers.

Human Abilites

Destructo Disc
5 days This attack is created by forming a disc of energy with one hand. It can be a very strong attack because it can cut through almost anything.
5 days The ability to fire two blasts, then merge them together and split them so you have multiple Ki bolts raining down on your opponents.
Spirit Ball
7 days User gathers the energy for the attack in a ball, in one hand, and grips his wrist with the other. The attack is then hurled like a ball at the opponent, and can be made to home in on the opponent.
Tri-Beam Cannon
7 days It is performed by placing the hands in a triangle shape and shooting out the blast from this. The attack is so powerful that it will drain the user's life force to use it.
Wild Boar Attack
5 days User charges around like a wild boar his speed is increased and he follows his opponent around.
Wolf Fang Fist
7 days User charges at his opponent and unleashes a fury of kick and punches, which proves extremely effective against weaker opponents.

Demon/Alien Abilites

Cube Fade
7 days User changes his body into small cubes that he uses to travel short distances in battle and avoid attacks.
Energy Line Blast
7 days A beam of small energy is shot from the finger and is capable of cutting through land masses, if strikes opponent can cause severe damage.
Eye Lasers
5 days Beams of energy that are shot from the eyes.
Stone Spit
7 days User spits at their opponent and if it is not avoided it turns them to stone.
Thunder Flash
5 days This attack shoots a massive column of fire out from the user's fists.
Time Freeze
7 days This attack is one of the most useful in all of Dragonball. By holding their breath the user can momentarily stop time. This lasts as long as the user can hold their breath. When time is stopped opponents can be attacked mercilessly, ki attacks can't be used when Time is stopped.

Changling Abilites

Crusher Ball
5 days User charges a medium sized ball of energy in one hand, then hurls it at the opponent.
Death Ball
7 days A large ball of energy that is formed with two hands above the users head and then thrown at their opponents.
Energy Line Blast
7 days A beam of small energy is shot from the finger and is capable of cutting through land masses, if strikes opponent can cause severe damage.
Eye Lasers
5 days Beams of energy that are shot from the eyes.
Imprisonment Ball
7 days First this technique locks the opponent in a paralyzing ball of light. This ball explodes upon contact with the ground.

Andriod Abilites

0 days Ability for andriods to absorb energy blasts. Automatically learned when purchase the Absorption upgrade for the hands.
Eye Lasers
5 days Beams of energy that are shot from the eyes.
Hell's Flash
7 days Two large beams of energy are shot from the arms after the hands are removed, they release awesome power.
7 days An invisible blast that is shot from the hand at their opponent, knocking them back and causing damamge.
S.S. Deadly Bomb
7 days It is a largish, red energy ball, which has more than a huge amount of power.
Self Repair
7 days The ability to use the metal in their body to repair small damages that occur during battle.