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During their travels towards Earth, Vegeta and Nappa made a stop at this planet. The species that live here are bug like beings who have some form of intelligence. The planet seems dismal and dark, a moon blocks the light from the sun, and the technology is not on par with Earth's.
Arlia has no Masters on it's planet. There are 6 regions on the planet.

Temple: The elders of the race inhabit the temple and provide luxurious welcomes to visitors.
Village: Village where inhabitants live.
Mountain Range: Range of Mountains that can be a setting for many things, training, fighting and such.
Spring: A relaxing spring that can calm the nerves and regenerate tired muscles that have been exhausted from training and battles.
Caves: A system of underground caves that tunnel all the way around the planet.
Plains: A region of flat ground that can also be used for training and sparring as well as places to battle.