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Bardock vs. Vegeta

This was a friendly fight between Bardock and Vegeta.

The battle began with several exchanges of blows back and forth. Bardock seemed to have the edge and momentum slide more in his direction when he landed a Heat Phalanx and sent Vegeta spiralling to the ground. Vegeta did not give up so easily and was able to connect several times with his Gallic Gun. The two remained relatively even throughout the battle as every hit that one landed on the other was followed by several hits of the same magnitude by the other. Vegeta then landed a Final Flash on Bardock and dodge his next attack and set up for his Big Bang Attack. Smirking at Bardock Vegeta fired his Big Bang Attack and Bardock was helpless to escape it taking the impact full on. Struggling to get to his feet Bardock focused all the energy he had left and performed his finisher, Final Spirit Cannon and crushed Vegeta who fell from the sky and hit the ground hard. Both of them new that they weren't going to kill each other so they called the battle there and each of them lay on the ground trying to get enough energy to fly themselves to the rejuvination tanks in West City.