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Daizu vs. Freeza

The battle began with Daizu mocking the seemingly confident Freeza who stood without faltering and looked on at his opponent. Freeza shot a Death Beam at Daizu to start the battle and Daizu immediately saw just how powerful a foe he was up against. Daizu would not quit, firing shockwaves at Freeza, generally hitting Freeza but not affecting him very much. Freeza then rushed at Daizu missing him with a kick but connecting with another Death Beam. Daizu was desperate, crawling to his feet to firing a Death Beam of his own to try and to huge damage to Freeza. Appule, Freeza's loyal servant took the damage for Freeza and allowed him to throw an energy disc at Daizu. Daizu was able to dodge it but after an unsuccessful attack against Freeza, Freeza rushed Daizu gripping his neck with his tail and charging another Energy Disc. This one Daizu could not avoid as it ripped him in half. With his last words Daizu cursed Freeza as he faded into the Next Dimension. Victorious Freeza walked up to Daizu's body and took his scouter from him laughing as he blasted the remains of his body into oblivion.

Win: Freeza
Loss: Daizu