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Planet Earth, the starting location for all people in the RPG. It is a lush planet with much vegetation and flowing rivers and streams. Mountain ranges and very advanced technology.
Earth has 4 Masters on it's planet; Kami at Kami's Lookout, Master Roshi on Kame Island, Grandpa Gohan in the Mountain Range, and Master Shen in South City. There are 9 regions on the planet.

North City: The city of the North, heavily inhabited with humans and such people as Oolong and Yamcha's home.
West City: The location of Capsule Corp, where Bulma resides and the home for Vegeta and Trunks. Item shop is located here as well as a hospital with rejuvenation tanks.
South City: City in the Southern region of the Earth that is home to Master Shen and his school of Martial Arts.
East City: City to the East, north of the Mountain range that houses many humans, home to characters such as Tien and Chaiotzu.
Mountain Range: Range of Mountains that can be a setting for many things, training, fighting and such. Grandpa Gohan has a house in the Mountains where he teach his pupils.
Kame House: Island in the southern seas where Master Roshi teaches his students the famous Kamehameha.
Kami's Lookout: A floating island high in the sky, it takes a full day to travel up it past Korin's place and to the Lookout itself. Kami resides here with Mr. Popo where Kami teaches students his art style. Also home to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
World Tournament Stage: Stage where the World Tournament is held once a year every year, mere miles from South City.
Plains: A region of flat ground that can also be used for training and sparring as well as places to battle.