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It was used as one of Freeza's army headquarter and a base for his operations. The inhabitants are mostly the henchman and those who serve the Freeza family. This planet has 10x Earth's gravity.
Freeza has 1 Masters on it's planet; King Cold who resides in his Throne room in the Capital City. There are 5 regions on the planet.

Capital City: The place that King Cold and his henchmen reside and rule from. King Cold resides in his throne room for the most part. There are places within the city that have rejuvenation tanks and scouter stores, two technologies very familiar with on this planet.
Village: Village where the slaves that have been conquered live.
Mountain Range: Range of Mountains that can be a setting for many things, training, fighting and such.
Plains: A region of flat ground that can also be used for training and sparring as well as places to battle.
Forest: Deep forest that is almost impossible to navigate at night because of the thickness of the trees.