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Freeza vs. Goku & Nappa

Starting the battle off, Goku fused with Nappa to form Goppa. Goppa began insulting Freeza but Freeza ignored him and at the start of battle he began to transfrom to his second form. As he was transforming Goppa was unleashing a heavy assualt on Freeza and continued it until Freeza reached his final form. Freeza had attained his final form, and looked down at the fused Saiyan and laughed as he began his assualt, firing a Crusher Ball and pounding him into the ground. Goppa was severly injured but smartly popped a senzu bean into his mouth and immediately felt completely revived and powered up. Again Freeza attacked, this time with two Energy Discs. Goppa was injured once again but ate another senzu bean and was powered up. Freeza was frustrated, and he screamed, "Why won't you die you stupid monkey!!" Again he fired his two energy discs towards Goppa but he couldn't escape them again and was killed at that instant. As Goppa fell to the floor he unfused and Nappa and Goku both faded into the next dimension.

Win: Freeza
Loss: Goppa