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Gohan vs. Android 17

This was the Semi-final round of the First Annual World Tournament.

Gohan and Android 17 both came into the ring confident from their latest victories, both intent on advancing to the finals. The young Saiyan intensely looked at the mechanical warrior and lunged at him to begin the fight. Quickly enough the tide started to go towards 17 but Gohan took it back into his favor with his go to finisher, the Super Kamehameha. Android 17 attempted to use his Energy Barrier to protect himself from the blast but it was not enough as he was sent spiralling down. Intent on not allowing Gohan to seize momentum he fired his Accel Dance, but much to his dismay Gohan was able to dodge it. As the fight went on, Gohan continued his attack but 17 seemed to be more and more in control. He rushes Gohan throwing punches and firing his Power Blitz to help him edge the young Saiyan out. Gohan was beaten, and 17 approached him, seemingly to help him up. 17 leans down towards him and laughs at him then kicks him. Gohan slides across the stage and into the arms of a medical personnel.

Win: Android 17
Loss: Gohan