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Goku vs. Nappa & Krillin

Goku knew coming in that he was going to be in control for most of this battle, eagerly engaging Nappa and the unexpected newcomer Krillin. Goku began his attack by pummeling Krillin with attack after attack. Nappa was infuriated by this and screamed at Goku ordering him to fight with him. Goku ignored the ranting Saiyan and beat Krillin to almost death. As Krillin's last ditch effort, he threw a Destructo Disc at Goku which took a lot out of Goku, but Goku responded with a Super Kamehameha sending Krillin to the Next Dimension. Goku looked at Nappa and smirked then dashed at him and knocked him into the ground and worked his Dragon Fist into his strategy. Nappa was almost beaten and Goku offered a deal to him, Goku would let Nappa live if he would do his bidding. Nappa was a proud Saiyan but carefully took the purposal into consideration, and ultimately decided to honor the suggestion. Goku laughed as he snatched up the senzu beans left behind from Krillin and flew off to Kami's Lookout. Nappa stumbled to the rejuvination tanks to heal back to 100 percent.

Win: Goku
Loss: Nappa & Krillin