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Goku vs. Raditz

As the battle began, Raditz was clearly the strongest of the two Saiyan brothers. The father, Bardock stood watching intently and was very excited to see his two sons square off to test their strength. Raditz began his attack and soon Goku was in danger, he was tired and it seemed that he was going to be defeated. Smirking Goku reached for a bag dangling from his belt and pulled out a senzu bean. Popping it in his mouth he recieved a boost and was restored to full power. Raditz saw this act as cowardly and made sure Goku knew about it. Goku however took advantage of Raditz's only weakness, his tail, and grabbed it as much as possible which weakened him and pummeled him with attacks. Raditz became enraged and fought with ferocity but it wasn't enough. Goku began to take control of the fight and with one last attack he shot a Super Kamehameha through Raditz sending him to the Next Dimension. Bardock floated down to Goku and congratulated his son with a pat on the back but a smart remark from Goku led to Bardock putting him in his place. Goku was lifted to West City to sit in a rejuvination tank.

Win: Goku
Loss: Raditz