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Android 13, Bardock, Freeza vs. Krudule

There was a strange feeling as the battle commenced, and Bardock and Android 13 both came into this battle with a plan. But they quickly had to alter their objectives. Krudule began the fight mercilessly pummelling 13 and quickly blasting him into the Next Dimension. Bardock seemed stunned and looked over at Freeza and realized what he had to do. He began his assualt as Freeza started to transform, knowing that he had to hold off Krudule long enough for Freeza to attain his third form and be able to put up a fight. Bardock unloaded hit after hit on Krudule but was taking more damage then he was giving by far. Freeza recognized his efforts as he acheived his second form and was close to his third yelling, "Just a little longer Bardock! Hold him off!" Bardock held off Krudule as long as he could but Krudule's Death Ball crushed the Saiyan and he was almost blasted into the Next Dimension. Krudule then turned his gaze to Freeza, and the changling was gazing back with a smile on his face, in his third form. Krudule realized he was in trouble, and Freeza knew he had the upper hand so he began his attack. Krudule became desperate after taking a few blows full force. He laughed as he created an orb in his hand and threw it up into the sky. Freeza was aware of what Krudule was trying to acheive and knocked the ball to the ground as it tried to rise into the sky. "Stupid monkey, you will not turn into that giant annoying ape!" Freeza then formed and energy disc in his palm and swiftly through it at Krudule cutting off his tail. Krudule was in dire trouble now and Freeza handled him easily, crushing him before blasting him into the Next Dimension.

Win: Freeza
Loss: Krudule
Dead: Android 13, Bardock