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Master Abilites

Fusion Dance
This technique is taught by Kami and creates a being that resembles both people pre-fusion, but can have a dominant side in both their behavior or appearance. The fused being is generally dressed in Natamoru-style clothing. This fusion style's limitations reside in its extreme use of energy and it only lasting 3 days. Must be of similar power in order for the Fusion Dance to take hold.

This technique is taught by Master Roshi, Kamehameha translates to "turtle destruction wave" and since Master Roshi is the Turtle Master he named it so. The technique is executed by cupping the hands and then uttering the words Kamehameha releases the ball of energy in a concentrated beam at an opponent.

Renzoku Energy Dan
This technique is taught by Grandpa Gohan. A machine gun KI attack, used by pretty much anyone who knows how to form balls or beams of energy. It is fairly powerful, especially if the defender is caught off guard, as many beams can be fired home, and the ones that hit have more power than the last. It is good as a distraction tactic too, firing a few of them before charging up a really big attack to finish it off. The disadvantage is that this attack can take its toll on the attacker, due to the large energy drain.

Taught at the Master Shen school of martial arts. It is shot from the finger at the opponent and explodes on contact, attack cannot be charged up beyond power limit.

Taught on Namek, by the ruler of the race, Guru. This attack is charged but holding the hands at the waist and charging up a powerful attack. The energy is then released in a blast by pushing both hands outwards towards the opponent. This technique is a very powerful one.

Gallic Gun
On the Saiyan home planet of Vegeta, King Vegeta teaches his pupils the Gallic Gun. This attack is charged by cupping the hands together and charged almost like the Spirit bomb. When user goes to release the attack, both hands a thrown at opponent with fingers up palms facing their opponent.

Taught by the legendary Toro on the planet Kanassa. It is charged by holding both hands, palm behind palm on the forehead. Once charged it is shot by pushing the hands out in front of the chest and the energy is shot towards the opponent.

Death Beam
Planet Freeza is home to the Changling race and the teacher of the Death Beam, King Cold. This is a strong beam that is shot from the finger, it's very strong and can penetrate most surfaces. Unlike the Dodonpa, this attack does not explode on impact.

Majin Transformation
This is the transformation that is a result of Babidi taking the evil in one's soul and amplifying the users power. Babidi is a very powerful wizard who is on the planet Zun and waits in the Darkness to unlock the power of evil within everyone.

Instant Transmission
Taught on Yardarrat, by Suno. Although relatively weak in power, Suno possesses one of the most useful techniques in the universe. With Instant Transmission the user can teleport instantly to any location that they have previously visited by turning their body into pure light energy. Can be used in battle as well.

Taught in the Afterlife by the powerful King Kai. This attack greatly enhances one's power and as the user continues to use the technique in battle, ki is drained every turn. The Kaioken can be x2, x3, x4, and even x5. The extra levels puts a strain on the user and the ki amount.

Spirit Bomb
This attack is also taught King Kai. It allows the user to borrow energy from all the things around him. The energy is gathered by the user raising their arms upwards, this does however leave them open to attack. The ball of energy is collected above the head and then thrown at their opponents.