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Planet Namek is a warn, pastoral water-world dotted with hundreds of islands, jutting grass-topped buttes and small continents covered in odd puffball-shaped trees. The planet is pleasant and food plentiful, and whatever dangerous creatures present prefer to stay well away from civilization.
Namek has one Master on it's planet; Guru who is at his House on a tall plateau. There are 8 regions on the planet.

Guru's House: Guru's house where the eldest Namekian stays and teaches his pupils. The one star Dragonballs rests over his head.
Telan: City watched over by the elder Mai. Location of rejuvenation tanks.
Mountains: Small mountains that can be a setting for many things, training, fighting and such.
Plains: A region of flat ground that can also be used for training and sparring as well as places to battle. Lake Terras: Lake that is famous for whirlpools that appear randomly without warning.
Namek: The region of Namek that is famously shown in the anime. Setting for the fight with the Ginyu Force and Freeza.
Islands: String of islands located in the eastern section of the globe.
Senzu Farm: Farm where Senzu beans where originally grown and harvested. Beans are harvested every month.