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This planet is larger and has more gravity than Earth. It was populated with two races: the Tsurfurans and the Saiyans. The two were at one time allies with the Tsurfurans sharing their technology and the Saiyans sharing their strength. One day however the Saiyans turned against the Tsurfurans and eliminated them, thus naming the planet their own after King Vegeta. Vegeta has 10x Earth's gravity.
Vegeta has one Master on it's planet; King Vegeta who is in the capital city of Vegeta. There are 4 regions on the planet.

Vegeta: City where King Vegeta resides. Saiyan technology is advanced and is reflected by the things within the city. Location of rejuvenation tanks, scouters, and saiyan space pods.
Mountains: Small mountains that can be a setting for many things, training, fighting and such.
Plains: A region of flat ground that can also be used for training and sparring as well as places to battle.
Pit of Darkness: Large pit that no one knows where it leads. People are thrown into it by the request of King Vegeta