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Vegeta vs. Gohan

This was the first battle in the first round of the First Annual World Tournament.

The battle began with several exchanges of blows back and forth. Vegeta seemed to have the edge and momentum slide more in his direction when he landed a Gallic Gun and sent Gohan spiralling. Gohan was then able to perform and land his finisher, the Super Kamehameha inflicting critical damage. Vegeta then resorted to trying to transform into an Oozaru, throwing up his artificial moon. But much to his dismay Gohan knocked away the attack and fired back. Once again he tried firing the artificial moon and again Gohan knocked it away. It wasn't til the third time that Vegeta shot it up that he began to transform into an Oozaru. Vegeta's blows were now deadly, and Gohan was running low on ki, in a last ditch effort after being pummelled by Vegeta's strong attacks he fired of his Super Kamehameha as his only chance. It hit Vegeta square knocking him unconcious. Gohan came away battered but victorious and advanced to the next round.

Win: Gohan
Loss: Vegeta