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Battling will take place on the Battlefield, it is a chatroom that only can be accessed from this website from the link below.


How to Battle:
  • Battles will be overseen by a ref, someone that is not participating in the fight, at the moment there are three refs: Trunks, 17, and Vegeta.
  • The battle system is turned based, how many attacks you are given per turn depends on how fast you are.
  • For example; if Fighter A has 150 speed and Fighter B has 100 speed every two turns Fighter A gets two attacking turns and Fighter B always gets one attacking turn.
  • The higher the difference in speed the higher the chance for landing hits and dodging attacks.
  • Ki Attacks are classified into 6 different types:

    • Basic Ki Attacks: This is what most Ki attacks are classified under, although they are weaker than advanced attacks they can be fired more often. (Ex: Shockwave, Eye Lasers)
    • Advanced Ki Attacks: Very strong Ki attacks in battle, drain more ki but when attack lands alot of damage is done. (Ex: S.S. Deadly Bomb, Death Ball)
    • Support Ki Attacks: Ki attacks that help to either defend or improve the chance of hitting or dodging your opponents attacks. (Ex: After Image Technique, Energy Barrier)
    • Restraining Ki Attacks: Attacks that are designed to hinder your opponenet in some shape or form. Once used in battle you must wait 5 turns before using it again. (Ex: Chou no Ryoku, Galactic Donuts)
    • Finishing Ki Attacks: The most powerful Ki attacks in battle, when used drains the remaining amount of Ki remaining, can only be used once in battle. (Ex: Burning Attack, Big Bang Attack)
    • Kaioken: Support type attack but every attacking turn, in order to sustain it's power, Ki drain is essential.

  • Every turn each fighter has a set amount of attacking turns and with those attacking turns there are four possible actions:
    • 4 physical attacks
    • 2 physical attacks, a basic ki attack, a restraining ki attack, or a support ki attack
    • 1 physical attack and an advanced ki attack
    • 1 finisher ki attack

  • Attacks will be role played, there will be no just punch, kick, Ki blast:
    • Correct: Trunks dashes at Vegeta and throws a punch at him, then places his hands over his head and throws a Finish Buster at his opponent.
    • Incorrect: Trunks punches Vegeta then shoots Finish Buster.
  • After every attacking turn the ref will inform the defender if he dodged any of the attacks and if they took damage their new HP. By knowing if they dodged it the defender can then factor that into their role-playing for their next move. The ref will also tell the attacker their new Ki total if they used a Ki attack. There is also always a chance of landing a critical hit that does extra damage.
  • Transformations can be done in battle but they require the user to charge up for several turns, depending on what transformation is being performed, first transformations take 1 turns, second transformations take 2 turns, and fourth transformations take 3.
  • Battle will continue like this until one of two things happen, one fighter is either incapable of continuing and the other one spares him, or one fighter is killed. The only exception is in the World Tournament where some rules are different.
Battle Results