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Training is one of the major ways to increase all of your statistics. When you wish to train you have to email me and tell me what type of training you wish to do, whether it be solo, sparring, meditation or gravity training. Each method has it's own benefits.

Solo Training
Training by yourself, you are secluded and train for 3 days before getting an increase in your stats.
This type of training cannot be performed in cities or villages.

Sparring with others, whether it be with other members in the RPG or with henchmen or saibamen.
You can spar with up to 5 people although you all have to be in the same region on the same planet.
Sparring takes 3 days and after such you receive an increase in stats, the more people sparring the higher the increase.
This training cannot be performed in cities or villages.

Meditation is strictly time lost in your thoughts where you go over things in your mind and are at piece.
Meditation takes 5 days and you receive an increase in stats.
Meditation can be performed anywhere.

Gravity Training
Gravity training requires a Gravity Machine or being on a planet that has more gravity than Earth.
You can train solo, spar, or meditate in gravity and you gain more stats then in normal gravity.
There is a risk, if your power level is not strong enough you will be crushed by the gravity and be sent to the Next Dimension, be careful before jumping into new gravitys.

Tail Training
This is the training for Saiyans to increase the resistance of their tail from being grabbed. As the resistance increases, Saiyans will be less affected by someone grabbing a hold of their tail and have more control of their Oozaru state. This training takes 5 days and will be like you are sparring.

Learning Abilities
Abilities can be learned from a select list. Each takes a different amount of time to learn and while you're learning them a stat increase will be shown.
The abilities can be found at the top of the page.