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Jobs are offered only on a set number of Planets. You continously recieve a salary as long as you remain on the Planet that you hold your job. Should you leave the Planet, when you return you can then return to the job you had but if there are levels you must regress to on level below the one you previously held. Perks come with every job and are listed after the last possible promotion in each of them.

Earth Jobs

Capsule Corporation Trainee (500 Zeni/week) - Entry level position for the Capsule Corporation. Work lasts for two weeks before being promoted to Worker.

Capsule Corporation Worker (1,000 Zeni/week) - Hold more responsibilty in the Capsule Corporation, work on testing products and improving. After 4 weeks can be promoted.

Capsule Corporation Scientist (2,000 Zeni/week) - Work as a scientist and research new methods of technology. After 8 weeks can be promoted.

Capsule Corporation Creator (4,000 Zeni/week) - The prime position in Capsule Corporation, invent new technology for the item shop. Approved new inventions are worth extra Zeni.
Perk: Save 25 % on all items in the Item Shop

Kami's Lookout Guard (1,500 Zeni/week) - Guard the palace and hyperbolic time chamber on Kami's Lookout. You must spend at least 2 weeks on the lookout per month to properly protect it from any intruders. When the lookout is successfully protected for an extended amount of time, bonuses are awarded.
Perk: Recieve discount on Senzu Beans

Red Ribbon Army Private (500 Zeni/week) - Entry level soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. Andriods recieve extra benefits. After two weeks upgrade to Corporal.

Red Ribbon Army Corporal (1,500 Zeni/week) - Control a small group of entry level soldiers that will be at your disposal. After 4 weeks upgraded to Lieutenant.

Red Ribbon Army Lieutenant (3,000 Zeni/week) - High power in the military. Highest level of employment.
Perk: Can recieve henchmen for a reduced price.

Hercules Private Bodyguard (2,000 Zeni/week) - Personal bodyguard to Hercule Champion of the world.
Perk: Recieve extra bonuses during World Tournaments

F.T.V. Cameraman (750 Zeni/week) - Work at the local broadcasting network as a cameraman and cover all the things going on in the lives of the humans around Earth. After 2 weeks can be upgraded to Anchorman.

F.T.V. Anchorman (1,500 Zeni/week) - News anchor for the Global networking company of the Earth. After 4 weeks can be promoted to CEO.

F.T.V. CEO (3,750 Zeni/week) - Head of the largest news broadcasting program on the Earth, if something is about to happen you know about it first.
Perk: Receive any Electronic item sold in the item shop at 35 % off.

Namek Jobs

Village Protector (1,500 Zeni/week) - Protect a village of Namekians from anything that threatens them. After 3 weeks of no attacks can be asked to protect Guru.

Guru's Personal Guardian (3,000 Zeni/week) - Personal guardian to the creator of the Namekian Dragonballs.
Perk: Long term of service results in gift of one Namekian dragonball

Healer (3,500 Zeni/week) - Namekians only. Learn the ability to heal others and go around Namek helping people that are in need.
Perk: Retain ability of Healing even if not working as a Healer any longer

Vegeta Jobs

Saiyan Warrior (1,000 Zeni/week) - Soldier in the Saiyan army, the most powerful and ruthless army in the universe. After 4 weeks can be promoted.

Saiyan Elite (3,000 Zeni/week) - One of the members of King Vegeta's inner circle.
Perk: When reach Saiyan Elite recieve Advanced Saiya-jin Armor and a Bag of Saibamen

Training Facility Repairman (750 Zeni/week) - Repair and broken gravity machines or rejuvination tanks that break in the training facility on Vegeta. After 3 weeks can be promoted to Technician.

Training Facility Technician (2,000 Zeni/week) - Assist when any of the electronical or computer programs that are necessary for the Training Facility to run properly break down. After 4 weeks can be promoted to Manager.

Training Facility Manager (3,500 Zeni/week) - Oversee all that goes on at the Training Facility, handle any problems that come up.
Perk: Have access to gravitron with up to 50x gravity and rejuvination tanks. Gain 200 Zeni for every person who uses Gravitron and 1,000 Zeni for every person who uses Rejuvination Tanks.

Freeza Jobs

Freeza Henchmen (1,000 Zeni/week) - Henchmen to King Cold and his army. After 4 weeks can be promoted.

Planetary Ruler (3,000 Zeni/week) - Assigned a planet that has been taken over by King Cold and his army. Watch over it and fend off invaders.
Perk: When reach Planetary Ruler recieve Scouter and a Henchmen