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To join this game, you must first pick a character. To do show take a look at the following list of available characters:

After you have selected a character you can then visit the Race page to view the pros and cons of each race and the one you selected.
Make sure to also look at the Rules page and get familiar with them.
The starting statistics for every character are:
PL: 5,000
HP: 2,000
Ki: 1,250
Strength: 1,000
Speed: 1,500
Zeni: 1,000

Every character will be given the ability to fly (Bukujitsu) and two character specific abilites as well as a finisher.
Depending on your character you will get to start with a certain item.

You must begin the game on Planet Earth but you have the choice of which of the nine regions to start in, so head over to the Planets page and check out the Earth page. You must have a job, so take a look at the jobs page and choose one.

Joining the forums is necessary for communications so join them immediately with your character name as your username. There is a link on the home page but here is a link as well: Tenkaichi RPG Forums.
You can also choose the first action you will perform in the RPG.

All this information must be sent to me at .