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Traveling is an important aspect of the RPG. You must be able to get navigate the different planets in the universe as well as the planet you currently occupy. Traveling within a planet takes less than a day, you can go from region to region without losing a day to travel time and can be done simply by e-mailing me what region you want to travel to and if you want to perform an action there. There are exceptions like Kami's Lookout on Earth which requires one day to ascend it's vast heights.

Traveling between planets is a different story. There are 4 types of vessels to travel across the universe with.

From the slowest ships to the fastest:
- Warship
- Saiyan Space Pod
- Namekian Ship
- Capsule Corp. Space Pod

Once you purchase a vessel of some kind you will be sent an e-mail that will give you a spreadsheet of how long it takes to get from every planet in the universe to every other planet. For prices on the Ships refer to the Items page.