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The first thing to do is to visit the Joining page and then you can take a look at how it is this RPG is going to function.


There are only two stats that everyone in the RPG will of every character, HP and Ki. Power level, strength, and speed will remain hidden from the members of the RPG. The only way for people to know other players Stats is to have a scouter. Saying that you can use your scouter once every week on all the characters on the same planet as you to see what their statistics are. Email me telling me what day you would like to use your scouter every week, and I will respond on that day with on the people on that Planets full stats. This will give the RPG more of a feeling of reality as you never really know how strong somebody is.

As far as your stats go, each character has a category on the forum that will exclusively for them and all your updated stats will be place there.


This indeed is a Role-Playing Game, but the way we train is not role playing. There are four different ways to train and they are outlined on the Training page. When you do want to training you must meet all the criteria for the chosen method and you email me how you wish to train. The activities of everyone in the RPG can be found at the bottom of the members page. When you are training you will appear there in the corresponding category on what day you currently are on.

Sparring: Trunks and Vegeta 1/3

When it reaches 3/3 it is their last day of training and should you wish to do something else send me and email the last day of your training, or before noon the next day and you can begin something else.


Battles can occur at anytime, and like sparring both characters must be in the same region on the same planet to engage in a battle. All battles must have a moderator. I, Trunks, will act as a moderator and I will enlist other characters to aid me as I will not be available at all times. An email should be delivered to me with dates and times that would be the easiest for both parties to make it into the chat room on the Battles page. I will either moderate it myself or request one of the other moderators to assist me and will email both members of the fight with a date, time, and moderator that will oversee the battle. I have a set battle system that incorporates PL, Speed, Strength, and Ki to determine damage and evading attacks as well as how much each attack drains from fatigue and ki. The battle outcomes will be posted on the Battles page, and the participants will receive stat increases based on the outcomes.

Rejuvenation Tank

The Rejuvenation Tank takes 2 days to fully recover and can only be used once a week, unless you have your own tank.


There are 3 sets of Dragonballs and they are explained in detail on the Dragonballs page. There is no wishing for immortality, so don't ask for it. The ability of dragons to grant wishes will be determined by each dragon's power and any wishes made will be posted on both the members page and the Dragonballs page.

Senzu Beans

As you all know senzu beans can be used in battle to bring back all your stats in battle but I do want to say something about them. They are not to be used in battles just to receive stat bonuses from being beaten until near death and then popping one in your mouth. So really this is more for Saiyans that get that boost from being at near death and being completely revived. You can't go into a battle trying to just beat each other up to get stat boosts. Training is where you will receive your stat boosts, battles are for just what they say, fighting each other. To the death or not is up to the participants.


This is a rough outline of the things I think would be the most asked questions, if there are any more please email me at with them and if I believe they need to be up here they will be shortly. Thank you.